Amplifire reduces misinformation and onboarding time for new nurses.

  • Reduced misinformation
  • Reduced onboarding orientation time by over 25%
  • Decreased cost of orientation
  • Lowered insurance premiums

One of the largest Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) in the U.S.1 was struggling with onboarding nurses, errors, and liability.

Orientation was extremely time consuming and estimated costs to train a nurse, including the expense associated with turnover, exceeded $15,000. Making matters worse, training required nurse mentors to teach and verify the skills of new hires, while at the same time caring for a full load of patients. This “on-the-job” method of teaching and validating knowledge led to the dissemination of inconsistent knowledge and misinformation.

The client needed to:

  • Reduce the time to competency during nurse orientation
  • Facilitate a process that clearly identified issues
  • Balance requirements with rapid learning and user friendliness
  • Demonstrate improved clinical outcomes
  • Create an emotional connection to competency development
Misinformation among nurses

Amplifire reduced onboarding orientation for new hires by more than 25% and had the additional benefit of reducing risk insurance premiums when its insurer found a significantly less exposure to employee errors and legal costs.

1. The Amplifire health alliance never releases identifiable healthcare data.