Amplifire is 100% more effective than standard training.

  • Industry: Kidney Dialysis
  • 65,000 technicians
  • 8 million people treated

One of the largest kidney-care companies in the United States, providing dialysis to 188,000 patients at 2,350 outpatient facilities in the US alone, employed Amplifire training.

Because dialysis involves direct access to the bloodstream, preventing contamination and infection is key to ensuring patient health and minimizing unreimbursed costs. In standard training, dialysis technicians are given additional information on these topics in the form of a 15-minute training video.

This company ran a pilot study to evaluate the effect of that training on trainee knowledge. In that pilot study, the company also compared the effect of that training to the effect of Amplifire training.

First, an assessment was conducted as a pre-test. Then the technicians learned with either the video or Amplifire. One month later, another assessment was conducted as a post-test.

As measured on the post-test, the gain in knowledge from Amplifire was more than double the gain in knowledge from the company’s traditional training video.