Aortic dissection is a relatively rare heart condition that is lethal if not quickly and aggressively treated. Sadly, it often goes undiagnosed. In fact, physicians only correctly suspect the condition 15% to 43% of the time and the misdiagnosis rate holds steady at 35%. The aortic dissection death rate that has not declined in decades, despite medical advancements.

In light of these discouraging figures, this healthcare organization decided to fortify their physicians to be the exceptions from missed diagnoses. They deployed Amplifire training to identify any knowledge gaps, uncertainty, or misinformation about aortic dissections and to instill diagnostic best practices.

Major Risk Exposed

Amplifire’s platform revealed that nearly half of physicians were either confidently misinformed or uncertain about the critical difference between medical and surgical aortic dissections. This hidden risk posed a threat to the physicians, the organization at large, and, most importantly, the patients who trust the organization to provide expert care.

Aortic Dissection Risk Exposed
Aortic Dissection Risk Exposed

Amplifire revealed high levels of uncertainty on critical topics.

Clinical Implications

Using proven-effective adaptive learning techniques based on brain science, Amplifire’s platform eliminated hidden risks and empowered physicians within this organization to provide exceptional patient care.

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