Not all learning is intelligent learning. Some learning goes in one ear and out the other. Some learning is tortuously tedious. Intelligent learning is targeted, engaging, memorable, and based in neurobiology. Intelligent learning creates knowledge that can change the world.

The Importance of Knowledge

Knowledge constructs roads and buildings, grows food, fashions clothes and furniture, cures ailing bodies, and designs smart phones and satellites. Virtually every component in the economy – whether it’s trifling or crucial – relies on knowledge and our ability to apply it. Not only does knowledge lead to prosperity, but according to Thomas Jefferson, “…knowledge is power, knowledge is safety, and knowledge is happiness.”

Perhaps this is why the topic of learning is moving to the center stage of public discourse. We instinctively know that it’s the basis of a future society that works for the benefit of our descendants. We should get it right. So far, we haven’t.

This worry is demonstrably critical, for knowledge has brought us this far through the ages. However, the physical, social, and geopolitical circumstances of the 21st century carry unique and daunting problems that humanity has never before faced. It falls upon knowledge to once again give us the ability to adapt to our ever-changing circumstances. Individuals with knowledge stored and integrated within their marvelous brains make adaptation and prosperity possible.

How to Change the World

The Amplifire platform provides organizations with a science-based tool designed for intelligent learning. When all of your employees have access to intelligent and efficient learning tools, your organization can prosper, and eventually, change the world.