More than anything, physicians want clarity. They want to be empowered to make evidence-based decisions that lead to the best possible patient outcomes.

When physicians scream for more evidence-based medicine, they’re really screaming for involvement. They want a say in the content of their training – will it focus on guidelines, and if so, will those guidelines align with evidence?

You want to help them, but so far, your training options have been limited. You’ve found that superficial training simply doesn’t elicit enthusiasm or buy-in.

Helping physicians means implementing a training program that gives them a voice. You need an evidence engine that involves physicians in the process of finding and fixing confusion.

The Future of Evidence-based Medicine

The Institute of Medicine said 90% of medical decisions will be based on evidence by the year 2020. This is based on the assumption that medical evidence will become increasingly available, shared, and understood. Policymakers, payers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and patients will need to join together to rein in the evidence and use it as a weapon for harmony.

Finding and Fixing Confusion

We share your passion for evidence and physician involvement. That’s why we developed a method of mapping physician knowledge that doesn’t point fingers, but leads to discussion.

Amplifire is an evidence-based learning platform that aims to reduce clinical variation without forcing physicians to follow protocols they don’t believe are evidence-based.

Detailed learning data ensures that hospitals and healthcare systems take seriously the input and evidence from physicians, and use it to arrive at evidence-based practices embraced by all.