Amplifire to Present at Annual Psychonomic Meeting

Dr. Matthew Hays (VP of Research and Analytics) and Charles Smith (Founder) will present research findings at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society. Psychonomics is the premier international cognitive psychology conference and will be held November 17-20 in Boston, Massachusetts. The title and abstract are below.

The Frequency of Online Learners’ Off-Task Behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic eliminated most in-person scientific experimentation, forcing universities’ research participant pools online. Cognitive psychologists have long expressed concerns about learners’ off-task behavior without the watchful eye of a research assistant. Are these concerns justified? Did the pandemic itself have an effect? We define off-task behavior and report its frequency in an online learning platform used by millions of university students both before and during the pandemic.

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About the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting
The Psychonomic Society is the preeminent society for the experimental study of cognition. Members are cognitive psychologists and include some of the most distinguished researchers in the field. They study the basic, fundamental properties of how the mind works by using behavioral techniques to better understand mental functioning.

At the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting, cognitive psychologists debate, deliberate, and discuss the most innovative, cutting-edge research on questions concerning memory, learning, problem solving, decision making, language, attention, and perception. The scientific presentations are often concerned with the application of psychology to health, technology, and education as well as their connections to research in biology, chemistry, statistics, computer science, medicine, law, and business.