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Learning Objectives

  • Learners will be able to verbalize the elements of the ABCDEF Bundle
  • Learners will be able to identify gaps in patient ICU care
  • Learners will be able to implement the ABCDEF Bundle into daily assessments and workflows
  • Learners will be able to document against the ABCDEF bundle standards
  • Learners will be able to use the CAM-ICU to assess content of consciousness

Course Description

According to the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), studies have shown that addressing six (6) elements of ICU assessment and care can improve patient outcomes.

These six (6) elements are:

  • Assess, Prevent, and Manage Pain
  • Both Spontaneous Awakening Trials (SATs) and Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBTs)
  • Choice of Analgesia and Sedation
  • Delirium: Assess, Prevent, and Manage
  • Early Mobility and Exercise
  • Family Engagement and Empowerment

These elements are referred to collectively as the ABCDEF Bundle*. This course supports clinician care optimization for patients in the ICU aligned to the ABCDEF Bundle. The CAM-ICU** is presented as a tool to help determine the content of consciousness when assessing for delirium.


*Reproduced with permission. ABCDEF Bundle. Mount Prospect, IL: Society of Critical Care Medicine; October 1, 2022. Copyright © 2016 The Society of Critical Care Medicine.

** The CAM-ICU© is used with permission from

Course at a Glance

target audience icon Target Learners:

Critical Care Providers, Nurses

time to complete icon Average Completion Time:

45 minutes

contributor icon Co-development Partner(s):

Texas Health Resources

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