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Hypertension in Pregnancy

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the classifications of hypertension in pregnancy
  • Understand criteria for adequate diagnosis of each classification
  • Understand signs and risk factors for each classification
  • Identify proper management and treatment options

Course Description

This training will cover the various hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, including increasing your understanding of classifications, proper diagnosis, management, and treatment options. Upon completing this course, learners will:

  • Diagnose and classify pregnancy hypertension
  • Identify proper management and treatment options

Author Information

Assorted healthcare Alliance partners

Did You Know...

  • High blood pressure occurs in 1 in every 12 to 17 pregnancies among
    women ages 20 to 44.
  • A percentage of women (10 to 25 percent) with gestational hypertension can progress to having preeclampsia.
  • Gestational hypertension can also lead to fetal problems including intrauterine growth restriction (poor fetal growth) and stillbirth.

Course at a Glance

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Obstetrics Nurses and Providers

time to complete icon Time to Complete:

20-30 Minutes

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Amplifire Healthcare Alliance Partners

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