Free Trial: The Science of Learning

A universal problem exists in all organizations

A billion learner interactions have revealed a universal problem in all organizations. It’s the confidently held misinformation hidden in the minds of your workers. Confidence is an important part of risk because it’s the precursor to every decision. If you are uncertain, you hesitate. If you are confident, you act. When workers are confident but wrong, the result is bad decisions and poor outcomes.

Confidence based questions reveal risk

Amplifire uses the Socratic method—a method of training through questions that finds confidently held misinformation and stamps it out so your employees can now reach their highest potential.

Active Learning built on brain science

We took recent discoveries in the brain sciences that show how fast learning and long memory can be triggered and built them directly into the Amp platform.

Here is a sampling of eight triggers that impact learning and memory:

  • Personalization – Provides each learner exactly what they need when they need it.
  • Confidence – Asks learners to evaluate their confidence, keeping them focused and improving their memory.
  • Intermittent Rewards – Congratulates learners for confident and correct answers, motivating them to learn more.
  • Delayed Corrective Feedback – Waits a while before correcting an error, making the correction more powerful.
  • Spacing – Inserts a delay before repeating a question, making learners’ memory more durable.
  • Gamification – Keeps learners’ dopamine levels optimized so they stay engaged.
  • Priming – Asks questions before providing knowledge, priming learners’ brains to learn new information.
  • Retrieval – Requires learners to retrieve information from memory, strengthening the path to that information.

Designed by the world’s leading experts in brain science and cognition, Amplifire can find and fix misinformation among your workforce.