The Science of Learning Demo

Master Faster, Retain Longer, Perform Better

Amplifire is a patented online learning system that leverages innovations in brain science, visual reporting, data analytics, and adaptive learning technology to help learners succeed. The latest discoveries in brain science prove that active learning leads to faster knowledge acquisition and longer memory retention. Amplifire’s learning platform uses these discoveries to engage learners so they learn with speed and efficiency and can accurately recall newly acquired information – even when under pressure. Amplifire starts by using the Socratic method. Self-testing using multiple-choice questions prior to studying, stimulates curiosity and primes the mind for learning.

Cognitive Triggers

We’ve taken 23 cognitive learning triggers proven to engage learners and promote long-term memory retention and built them into the Amplifire platform. Here is a sampling of eight triggers that impact learning and memory:

  • Personalization – Provides each learner exactly what they need when they need it.
  • Confidence – Asks learners to evaluate their confidence, keeping them focused and improving their memory.
  • Intermittent Rewards – Congratulates learners for confident and correct answers, motivating them to learn more.
  • Delayed Corrective Feedback – Waits a while before correcting an error, making the correction more powerful.
  • Spacing – Inserts a delay before repeating a question, making learners’ memory more durable.
  • Gamification – Keeps learners’ dopamine levels optimized so they stay engaged.
  • Priming – Asks questions before providing knowledge, priming learners’ brains to learn new information.
  • Retrieval – Requires learners to retrieve information from memory, strengthening the path to that information.

Try it yourself by registering for a free trial! No only will you experience the Amplifire platform, you’ll also learn more about the science of learning.