Boulder, Colo. — August 27, 2018 — Amplifire, the proven learning software that delivers measurable results for many of the world’s leading corporate and educational companies, hosted some of the world’s most prominent cognitive psychologists and pedagogical scientists at its annual Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting August 23, 2018. These scientists convened as part of an ongoing effort to apply their research and findings into technology for the educational and learning markets.

Amplifire’s prestigious SAB contributes to, reviews and validates the methodology and algorithms of Amplifire software, keeping the organization at the forefront of scientific advancement in learning and memory.

“With guidance from our SAB, Amplifire surveys the research literature for triggers that are empirically shown to switch on the learning circuits in the brain that cause memory,” said Charles Smith, co-founder and Chief Research Officer for the company. “We then work to figure out how to turn the most effective triggers into techniques in software that cause the process of learning to speed up, and the product of memory to become more durable.”

Amplifire’s SAB members include:

  • Dr. Robert Bjork Ph.D. and Dr. Elizabeth Bjork, Ph.D. of the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Dr. Chad Lane, Ph.D. from the Institute for Creative Technologies at University of Southern California (USC)
  • Dr. Richard Mayer, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and educational multimedia specialist from the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  • Dr. Kathleen McDermott, Ph.D and Dr. Henry Roediger, Ph.D. from the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Memory Lab
  • Dr. Daniel Schacter, Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Schacter Memory Lab

During this meeting, the SAB:

  • Members presented their latest research to the Amplifire staff.
  • Discussed what’s on the horizon in terms of new research, experiments and findings for learning and education from the scientific community.
  • Evaluated and made recommendations for current and future product features with Amplifire’s executives and product innovation staff.

Amplifire was founded on, and is continually improved by the world’s leading pedagogical scientists. The software is built upon 23 science-based learning techniques that are proven to increase knowledge acquisition, engage user engagement and increase both long-term knowledge retention and knowledge retrieval.