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Amplifire is a game changer for improving the advocate (call center rep) experience.
—VP, Global Learning and Innovation, Global Call Center Company

The Onboarding Challenge

High turner over impacts productivity. The call center industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates (45% compared to 20.3% across all industries) and the cost of hiring and training new hires is high. (Tens of thousands of dollars to 2X salary. )

You’re challenged with onboarding these new agents and making them proficient and productive as soon as possible to minimize costs. But let’s be real, onboarding takes time. And even after onboarding, it can be up to 6 months before these agents are productive.

The Solution

Amplifire is proven to reduce onboarding time by tailoring the training for each call agent representative to fill knowledge gaps. Mastering the content boosts call agents’ confidence levels and results in increased productivity.

An Effective Onboarding Strategy

Organizations with the lowest turnover rate have implemented an effective onboarding strategy. They also use Amplifire’s learning platform to reduce training time, increase performance, and employee satisfaction.

Reduce Training Time

Amplifire employs active learning strategies based on research from the world’s leading brain scientists. Our algorithms adapt to each individual’s existing knowledge.

The system knows to move quickly through knowledge that is already known and spend time on knowledge gaps. Learners master the content in less tha half the time of conventional methods.

Time Saved Chart
Performance Results

Increase Performance

Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) is a hidden yet important part of risk because confidence influences decisions. When individuals are confident and wrong, then a mistake is likely.

Amplifire’s learning platform identifies and eliminates confidently held misinformation to reduce errors and risks. It finds the confidently held misinformation that makes people act in error. It then re-aligns their confidence with the correct information. As a result, human performance increases, delivering a measurably large return on investment.

Eliminate CHM in trainers

In this example from a large call center, most of the 12 trainers have fairly high levels of CHM, as do the employees. A serious problem arises when trainers with CHM onboard new employees and persuasively transfer their misinformation directly into the trainees. So, it’s very important that trainers are masters of the material.

onboarding Training heatmap

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention

One third of new hires quit within the first six months of starting a new job. Employee retention doesn’t have to look like a revolving door.

New hires who are clear about their responsibilities and are effectively trained are more satisfied. They are less likely to get disciplined by managers or berated by customers. The upshot: they remain happier in their jobs.

Case Study

Want to learn more about how Amplifire helps call centers reduce training time, increase performance, and employee satisfaction? Download the case study