Amplifire is a game changer for improving the contact center agent experience.
—VP, Global Learning and Innovation, Global Contact Center Company

The Problem Today

The contact center industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates, and training new agents is expensive and takes time. You’re challenged with onboarding these new agents and making them proficient and productive as soon as possible.

employee value

A Rapid and Effective Onboarding Strategy

The challenge is getting employees out of the ‘investment zone’ and into the ‘return zone’ as efficiently as possible. That’s what the world class science built into Amplifire does.

Reduce Training Time

Amplifire employs active learning strategies based on research from the world’s leading brain scientists. Our algorithms adapt to each individual as their knowledge develops. The system knows to move quickly through knowledge that is understood and to focus an agent on their misinformation, uncertainty, and knowledge gaps. Learners usually master the content in less than half the time of conventional methods.

time to proficiency

Increase Performance

This contact center compared their traditional classroom training (the control) with classroom + Amplifire in two of their US locations. Customer credits given out were reduced at the same time more features were sold.


Eliminate Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) in Supervisors and Instructors

In this example from a large contact center, 12 instructors initially have confidently held misinformation (in red), as do many of their agents. This problem arises when supervisors and instructors are unaware of their own CHM and pass it onto their students. It seems almost impossible, but Amplifire levels the field by finding and fixing CHM (along with doubt and knowledge gaps in orange), so that instructors, new hires, and tenured agents all work from the same base of accurate knowledge (green).

Instructor CHM Heatmap
Training Fell Flat

Discover Where Training Fell Flat

Online analytics show instructors the knowledge areas that are not being understood by the majority of new agents. This is solid evidence that allows for intelligently modifying both the content and the focus of instruction.

Increase Your Net Promoter Score

In this example, a large contact center operating in two different cities compared NPS scores of agents who learned in traditional classroom settings with agents who learned in Amplifire integrated classrooms.

Net Promoter Score

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Contact centers have adopted Amplifre as a core operating asset. They have transformed training from a rote activity, where managers can only hope for results, into a strategic, measurable tool that delivers a workforce aligned with best practices and procedures.