One of the things about Amplifire’s tools is they’re so much more engaging in their design. The design drives engagement and motivations. That’s another huge difference between the old paradigm and what Amplifire offers.

—Six Sigma Instructor, multi-national energy company

The Energy Training Challenge

It’s nearly impossible to keep your workforce informed and trained on the new operational procedures and processes that keeps production flowing in a safe environment. Training is time-consuming and costly and it conflicts with corporate mandates to control costs.


Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform reduces training time so that workforce downtime is minimized. It quickly finds and fixes areas of Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) that result in dangerous human errors, injuries, and potential fatalities. And, it also identifies and corrects systemic misinformation that gets passed from supervisors to their employees.

Confidently Held Misinformation Leads to Error

In this case, Amplifire found and remediated CHM in the minds of oil rig workers for a leading offshore industrial engineering company. On average, oil rig operators had 37% CHM around 25 safety topics about operational procedures.

CHM is a leading cause of adverse incidents. Amplifire probes the accuracy of a learner’s knowledge and the confidence with which it is held. Confidence leads to action, and action to outcomes. When people are confident, they act. High-quality outcomes result when people are both confident and correct in their knowledge.

Misinformation in Supervisors Magnifies Risk

In this example, 108 oil rig supervisors averaged 22% confidently held misinformation regarding standard safety protocols.

Amplifire eliminated 619 instances of confidently held misinformation that were likely being passed from supervisors to their teams.

Struggle Is a Warning Sign

Amplifire is unparalleled at training at large scale without human intervention. Invariably though, Amplifire finds that a fraction of employees and supervisors exhibit extreme struggle to learn.

Historically, the reasons for their disengagement have been as varied as the human condition—burnout, relationship issues, family issues, and alcohol or drugs are some of the reasons that people emotionally detach from their organizations. Amplifire alerts executives to the employees who represent an immediate risk through their disengagement.

ROI through man-hours recovered

By identifying areas of CHM, Amplifire saved 500 manhours through one behavior change alone. In this case, the change was about corrosion prevention procedures in the timely removal of the wirelock resin bullet.

The Question: “How soon after the gelling of the Wirelock resin can you remove the bullet?”

  • There were 1,031 initial responses.
  • 71% of learners answered confidently and incorrectly that they would wait 1 hour to remove the bullet.
  • Only 19% of the responses indicated the correct behavior response of removing the bullet after only 15 minutes.
Misinformation In Oil & Gas Workers