Looking to improve your EHR training, but don’t quite know where to start?

The fact is  when it comes to EHR training  the stakes are high. Not only is it costly to have clinicians and physicians off the floor, but physicians who report poor training are 3.5 times more likely to perceive that their EHR does not enable them to deliver quality care. The time is right to leverage modern learning technologies to advance your program into the modern age — but, how? 

Effective change management is critical for introducing new solutions. While the benefits of hybrid learning are clear, it can still be difficult to navigate change, especially when you have some convincing to do. Change management is all about ensuring your users know the answer to “why.” 

Our partner, Tegria, put together this eBook guide to overcome the change barrier and implement a hybrid learning model to improve EHR training. No need to reinvent the wheel see how other organizations have gone about making the transition.  

Modern EHR E-Book

Download the e-book for: 

  • Change management strategies 
  • Tools to implement a hybrid learning model 
  • Examples of EHR training platform transitions