Results matter

Learning should lead to correct decision making, great performance, and positive outcomes. That’s why Amplifire was built—to deliver measurably great results for our customers with a 21st-century learning platform. It’s the first scalable tool that sees into the human mind to find and fix misinformation, uncertainty, and struggle that lead to costly error and poor performance in the real world.

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Engaging Content

Moving content into Amplifire is easy and quick. Our content experts convert your source material into modules that represent a chapter in a textbook, a transcription of a lecture, a training manual, or a Powerpoint deck.

Clients can also choose to enter content into Amplifire themselves using our robust Authoring tool.

Comprehensive Platform

Passiv vs Active learning

Learning should be active

To solve the modern problem of a thousand distractions, a learning platform must use every known learning driver to help learners retain and act on the information they need to be successful.

The science of learning has determined that humans are designed to remember events and information that are experienced under specific conditions. Amplifire creates these conditions that drive a memorable learning experience.

Confidently held misinformation (CHM) is universal

CHM exists when a person is sure they are right, but are actually wrong. It is perilous and often leads to low performance, burnout, and mistakes.

Amplifire has the unique power to detect and correct CHM through confidence-based questioning, leading the learner to rapid mastery of the topic.

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learner struggle

Struggle can be perilous

Amplifire lets managers, instructors, and trainers know which learners are struggling to master the content. These knowledge gaps, which can derail a career or cause real-world damage can be addressed immediately.

Real Results


Amplifire’s Reporting Dashboard gives you insight into the entire organization, past and present. You can see thousands of learners at any point in their progress toward mastery.

Through our deep analytics of over a billion learner interactions with Amplifire, we have identified three areas of risk to learners and organizations:

  • Misinformation Risk
  • Learner Struggle
  • Systemic Organizational Risk


Understanding the nuanced structure of knowledge in the brain is critical, as it is the main factor in human performance. Now it can be measured. With Actionable Analytics, you can see how misinformation, knowledge gaps, uncertainty, and struggle are dispersed across the minds of your workforce before and after Amplifire. With our Intervention Report, you can step in to offer guidance where the human touch is required.