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Results-Based Learning Platform

Amplifire is the leading eLearning platform built from discoveries in cognitive science. It detects and corrects knowledge gaps and misinformation that exist in the minds of all humans and hinder performance.

Healthcare, education, and Fortune 500 companies use Amplifire’s patented learning algorithms, knowledge analytics, and diagnostic capabilities to drive improved outcomes with a significant return on investment.

Amplifire is proven to help people master faster, retain longer, and perform better

Master Faster

Active algorithms adapt to each learner’s responses in real time to create a personalized learning experience focused on eliminating knowledge gaps. Learners don’t waste time on topics they already know.

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Retain Longer

The Amplifire platform makes learning stick in long-term memory using emotional and motivational triggers from the latest cognitive research.

Perform Better

After billions of learner interactions, we know that misinformation and uncertainty lurk in the minds of every employee in the workforce. Amplifire was specifically built to find and fix these states of knowledge that cause mistakes. The result is far better organizational performance. For example, we find these sorts of dangerous knowledge conditions even in the aviation industry, one of the most tightly regulated and safest industries in the world.

Why It Works

Better outcomes are not magic; they come from science in a learning platform like no other. Amplifire’s personal learning algorithms are based on the cognitive sciences to find and fix CHM, fill knowledge gaps, and reduce struggle for each individual. Amplifire adapts to each individual’s knowledge level and guides them with a virtual coach until they reach mastery.

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It’s Easy To Get Started

If you are a healthcare organization, we have over 60 courses that prevent adverse patient outcomes. If your organization operates with proprietary information and procedures, we help upload your documents, videos, or slide decks into Amplifire. Deployment to the workforce through email or your LMS is straightforward. Finally, in your reporting suite, you’ll see how knowledge in the minds of your workforce is getting much better.


My experience with Amplifire has been nothing short of miraculous. I was incredibly surprised to find that not only was it able to catapult our program to an entirely new level, but it also took a lot of pressure off me. For the first time ever, I’m actually able to guarantee that the people who come to us to learn, understand our concepts and that they’ve mastered them to a percentage of up to 95%.

Professional Instructor
International Non-Profit Learning & Conservation Organization

It was an effective way of not just learning, but mastering the course as well.

Management Consulting Company

It has the ring of truth because of the data analytics that it’s really making an impact in clinical care.

Robert J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD
Vice President of Continuing Professional Development at Partners Healthcare

Absolutely. As nurses we all know about sepsis but have difficulty differentiating between the different stages and what to be aware of as we are caring for this population. This course was wonderful at making sure before you finished it, you were confident in managing a sepsis patient.

Major Health System

I would put Amplifire in every crack and crevice of my organization. Once you use Amplifire, no other learning system seems valid without the confidence measure at the task level.

Vice President
Clinical Operations, Hospital Corps of America

This is the first time I have used Amplifire. Within the first month it became obvious that those who had completed the Amplifire modules were doing significantly better on the quizzes so I really started pushing them to start their work on a chapter by completing Amplifire. At the start they really grumbled but by a few weeks in they loved them.

Accounting Instructor
Community College of Beaver County

I assign Amplifire as online practice. I can tell my students like using them because they don’t complain about having to do them!

Economics Instructor
Suffolk County Community College

I would put Amplifire in every crack and crevice of my organization. I think our biggest weakness and the root of our biggest problems is misinformation – and there’s no other way to identify it than Amplifire.

Vice President Clinical Operations
Hospital Corporation of America

We have experienced extraordinary results from incorporating amplifire into our curriculum… Thousands of students every year fail the bar exam by 2, 3, 4 or 5 points, we’re talking about making a tremendous difference in the professional lives of thousands of young people each year.

University of Texas School of Law

With Amplifire, the future looks bright. It has given us the ability to go into a law school and say ‘we can be more than a bar review course…we can be a trusted partner from the first day of law school through the last day of the bar exam.’ Our competitors have no answer.

Bar Exam Prep

Retention rates among peace officers after 12 months jumped from 30% to 80% after using Amplifire.

Law Enforcement Academy Professor
Arapaho Community College

My students who used amplifire were more than twice as likely to get an A than a B

Community College of Baltimore County

Amplifire was extremely helpful, repeating the question until I was 100% sure.It gave me the chance to see what I knew and to get help along the way.

Culinary Student
Community College

Amplifire introduced us to this concept of Confidently Held Misinformation, which, in the context of patient safety and regulatory compliance, scares me, as it should you.

Dan Hyman, MD
Chief Medical and Patient Safety Officer, Children’s Hospital of Colorado

This is a fantastic learning tool for the field. LOVE IT!

Director of Technical Operations
Major Telecom Corp.

Every training director in the world gets a dozen unsolicited phone calls a week from training vendors who swear they’ve cracked the code of adult learning. Knowledge Factor – with their revolutionary amplifire learning software – is the only company that can back up that claim.

Manager of Training
Global Professional Services Company

Amplifire can be a game changer in corporate learning because it has the ability to systematically and predictably produce a much stronger ROI every time a company spends money on learning.

Former Global Managing Director
Human Resources & Learning, Global Professional Services Company

Amplifire takes technology to a different level. It gives our students a real edge. Our competitors have no answer.

Industry leader in legal education

One of the things about Knowledge Factor tools is they’re so much more engaging in their design. The design drives engagement and motivation. That’s another huge difference between the old paradigm and what “ Knowledge Factor offers.

Six Sigma Instructor
GE Energy

The new training course is easier to remember and understand than the old one…all training should be conducted in this manner.

Management Consulting Company

This is a very different, yet superb, approach that resulted in a great learning experience.

Management Consulting Company

In my experience of teaching adult learners, a fine balance that honors the adult self-directed, autonomous learning style against the institutions need for confirmation of knowledge transfer is often difficult. The knowledge factor method seems to address both sides very effectively.

Pilot Instructor
United Airlines Flight Operations

From the developer/deliverer side, I’ve always felt a bit disconnected from the material after putting it into prime time, with no way to know if the learning I’ve put out there is being absorbed nor any formal feedback method to know if quiz questions are phrased in a logical, relevant manner. The Knowledge Factor heat map changes all of that.

Pilot Instructor
Major Airline

This course is a significant improvement over past courses. It’s straight to the point, accomplishes the goals that our company has set and doesn’t waste my time.

Major Helicopter Fleet

Amplifire is the best training tool this company has used. We have competitions to see how few iterations it takes to get mastery. The guys are high five-ing each other when they get ten right answers on one session. You would have thought they just won the lottery!

Plant manager
Worldwide Food Manufacturer

I run hospital medicine for 5 hospitals. This can be a strategic advantage for your group that sets you apart from the competition… Amplifire is a unique product that I have not found anywhere else. It has the potential to revolutionize how we disseminate critical information.

Per Danielson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

As part of quality incentives, we plan to pay docs to take Amplifire modules, and I think it’s money well spent.

Per Danielsson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

The Amplifire study modules work great! I actually use them in place of the quizzes. The students seem to like them more and there has been fewer instances of cheating.

Management Instructor
Quinnipiac University

Not just the velocity but the veracity of evidence based protocols is outstripping antiquated learning methodologies. In response, we have developed a systems-based Knowledge Engineering strategy, to which amplifire is a central piece.

Robert Birnbaum, MD, PhD
VP of Continuing Professional Development, Partners Healthcare

Amplifire is a game changer for improving the advocate (call center rep) experience.

Global Healthcare Learning and Innovation Global Call Center

We’ve been really happy with our partnership with the Alliance…and we look forward to converting as much of our annual training to amplifire as we can because it’s so much better of a user experience than our current platform.

Dan Hyman, MD
Chief Medical and Patient Safety Officer, Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Amplifire enables me to have more in-depth discussions with my students because I can look at the grades and see how well they understood the material beforehand. My students are up to speed and ready to talk when they get into my class.

Professor, Anatomy & Physiology
Temple College

I think we can all relate to the fleeting nature of the learning that goes on at CME conferences.

Per Danielson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

I found my desire to fully engage in the learning became a little addictive.

Pilot Instructor
Major Airline

I look into a lot of healthcare companies. I saw that they had a unique tool that we could not replicate. Most of the time I end up saying that we can do things better at Swedish. Not so with Amplifire. I run hospital medicine for 5 hospitals. This can be a strategic advantage for your group that sets you apart from the competition… Amplifire is a unique product that I have not found anywhere else. It has the potential to revolutionize how we disseminate critical information.

Per Danielson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

It’s important for leaders understand how we can use a tool like Amplifire to transform perfunctory education into learning that has clinical and operational value.

Julie Reisetter, RN, MS
Vice President of Innovation, University of Colorado Health

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