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The study modules and warm-ups helped me study and perform better on quizzes and class exams. —Student, Rutgers University

The Challenge Facing Higher Education

Higher Education institutions are struggling not just to acquire and teach students, but to retain them. Traditional teaching methods aren’t working as they once did because today’s student are distracted by compelling media and addictive technology. Learning methods must first capture their attention emotionally and then let them study at their preferred pace.


Today’s students require a personalized approach that engages them. They are looking for effective and efficient methods to gain knowledge faster and retain it longer. Over 3.5 million students have demonstrated that using Amplifire results in faster learning, longer knowledge retention, and higher pass rates.

That’s because Amplifire personalizes learning with interactive assignments and assessments that engage students and guide them when struggle or lagging is detected. Rich learner analytics and automated alerts keep students and instructors informed with actionable insights when intervention is needed.

Only 59% of 4-year college students make it to graduation

SOURCE: 2015 National Center for Education Statistics

9 Study Methods Compared

The data in this graph shows the test results for nearly 25,000 students trying to pass a high-stakes exam. Those who use Amplifire get much better scores than those who use eight other study methods.

Higher Grades and Pass Rates

Amplifire is the ultimate complement to Instructor lead courses. The tool prepares students for class, assignments, and tests. Instructors see more engagement, better grades, and higher pass rates.

Struggle Intervention

Amplifire’s Actionable Intervention Report identifies students who are struggling before they fail a class or drop out of school. Email notifications alert instructors so these students don’t fall through the cracks.

Automated Student and Instructor Alerts

Emailed intervention reports alert instructors when and where action is needed to keep students on track and prevent them from slipping through the cracks.

Emailed student touchpoints remind students to take refreshers and instruct them on information they are most likely to forget.

“The learn function that explains why answers were correct or not helped me learn where I struggled most or where I needed to study more.”

Student, Walla Walla University
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