The study modules and warm-ups helped me study and perform better on quizzes and class exams. —Student, Rutgers University

The Challenge Facing Higher Education

Higher Education institutions are struggling not just to acquire and teach students, but to retain them. Traditional teaching methods simply aren’t working as before because today’s student are distracted by compelling media delivered through addictive technology. To compete, learning must first capture their attention emotionally and then let them study at their preferred pace.


Amplifire has given over 3.5 million students a personalized approach that keeps them focused on learning. They use it to gain knowledge faster and retain it longer.

For instructors, online analytics and automated alerts tell them when intervention is needed before a student drops out.

college graduation rate
high-stakes pass rate

9 Study Methods Compared

The data in this graph shows the test results for nearly 25,000 students trying to pass a high-stakes exam. Those who use Amplifire get much better scores than those who use eight other study methods.

Grades Go Up and Failures Go Down

Average GPA
student fail rate
student intervention report

Timely Intervention

The Actionable Intervention Report identifies students who are struggling before they fail a class or drop out of school. Email notifications alert instructors so these students don’t fall through the cracks.

Discover Which Parts of a Lecture Are Not Understood

Online analytics show instructors the knowledge areas that are not being understood by the majority of students. This is solid evidence that allows for intelligently modifying both lectures and assignments.

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