Shared Decision Making (Synaptiv)

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Learning Objectives

  • Informing patients
  • Facilitating engagement
  • Building trust

Course Description

Shared decision making is an interactive process in which clinicians and patients make decisions together about tests, treatments, and disease management. The modules in this course can be purchased separately or as a 2-module bundle.
Part 1 presents information about the process of shared decision making and how this will improve communication and facilitate patient engagement.
Part 2 provides strategies to develop open, trusting communication with patients and help them become engaged in their own healthcare decisions.

Did you know…

  • Research indicates that the average patient asks five or fewer questions during a 15-minute doctor’s visit
  • žAn AHRQ public service announcement noted that people ask more questions when buying a cell phone or ordering a meal than they do during medical appointments
  • žStudies have found that clinicians ask for patient preferences in medical decisions only about half the time
  • žžResults from more than a hundred randomized trials provide no robust evidence that more time is required to engage in shared decision making in clinical practice than to offer usual care

Course at a Glance

Target Audience: Clinicians

Time to Complete: 60 Minutes

Contributor: SynAptiv


Swedish Medical Center, Providence Health & Services

Author Information

The Colorado Foundation for Medical Care was founded in 1970 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) healthcare quality improvement organization. It currently does business as (DBA) SynAptiv. SynAptiv continues to focus on continuous quality improvement, but now works toward its charitable mission in new ways. We are a global healthcare learning institute, offering a variety of educational tools, trainings, certifications, and learning improvement resources for multiple professional settings.