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Safe Injection Practices

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Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the prevalence of injection outbreaks caused by unsafe injection practices
  • Understand safety culture improvements that will increase safe injection practices
  • Identify Never Events associated with injections
  • Demonstrate appropriate use and disposal of injection equipment, including syringes, vials (single- and multi-dose), and bags, in the context of a single or multiple patients
  • Use appropriate PPE and perform hand hygiene prior to performing injections

Course Description

This course examines safe and unsafe injection practices surrounding the use of syringes, vials, and other injection equipment in the context of single or multiple patients.

Did You Know...

  • There have been at least 50 major outbreaks due to unsafe injection practices since 2001
  • Hundreds have been harmed and some killed
  • Over 150,000 patients required notification to undergo testing because of potential exposure
  • A study by CDC and CMS found that 66% of certified surgical centers had lapses in basic infection control

Course at a Glance

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time to complete icon Average Completion Time:

40 Minutes

contributor icon Co-development Partner(s):

Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON)

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