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Process Improvements

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Learning Objectives

  • Define and differentiate common process improvement methods and methodologies
  • Define common process improvement terminologies and concepts
  • Recognize the need to consider those affected by the change and understand how to involve them
  • Recognize the four layers of Governance
  • Compare the components of the Three Systems and provide improvement effort examples
  • Define basic terminologies of the 7 Question Framework and compares it to other methodologies
  • Recognize the value and application of the 7 Question framework to all work
  • Define the Healthcare Analytic Adoption Model, including the different levels of the model
  • Recognize and differentiate between common measurement roadblocks
  • Identify common barriers to effecting change and understands why they are prevalent
  • Avoid reacting to single data points by understanding the value of examining data over time
  • Recognize the need to continually monitor for sustained improvement
  • Articulate the flaw in “punishing the outlier” issue
  • Recognize the need to set appropriate baselines and uses benchmarks
  • Define and contrast outcome, process, and balance measures

Course Description

Learn the foundational concepts, language, tools, and processes involved in improvement work.

2 modules | 3 CLUs

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20–30 minutes for each module

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Health Catalyst

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