Preventing Surgical Site Infections

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Learning Objectives

  • Initiating prophylactic antibiotics
  • Environment disinfection
  • Temperature & glucose maintenance

Course Description

SSIs are infections of the incision or organ/space occurring after surgery. SSIs have a high cost, both in patient lives and cost of care.

This course examines a wide range of SSI prevention strategies, including proper and timely antibiotic use, meticulous environmental and surgical site disinfection, and effective patient temperature and glucose maintenance.

Did you know…

  • Surgical site infections (SSI) are the most common nosocomial infection in the United States, accounting for 20% of all hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)
  • SSIs are associated with a 2- to 11-fold higher risk of patient mortality and an average increased cost of $20,000 per infection
  • It is estimated that 60% of SSIs could be prevented if individuals adhered to evidence-based guidelines

Course at a Glance

Target Audience: Nurses

Time to Complete: 30 Minutes

Contributor: Providence Health & Services


Providence Heath & Services

Author Information

  • Kari Love, RN, MS, CIC, FAPIC
  • Rebecca “Becca” Bartles, MPH, CIC
  • Laura Staubitz, MEd, BSN, RN, CIC
  • Paula Yackley, BSN, RN, CPAN