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Patient Care Assessment and Patient Safety

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to successfully report a safety event at your institution
  • Discern the severity levels of safety events
  • Review Serious Reportable Events
  • Know the agencies or departments where reports are filed and who files them

Course Description

This course explores best practices for keeping patients safe, as well as how to report safety events when they occur. Safety events are those events that harm, could cause harm, or negatively impact a patient. However, it is also important to note that a situation without injury or consequences may still be considered a no harm safety event or near miss.

Topics covered include:

  • Safety Event Levels
  • Safety Event Reporting
  • Sentinel Events and Serious Reportable Events (SREs)

Author Information

Partners Healthcare is a not-for-proft health care system that is committed to patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community locally and globally.
MedStar SiTEL combines the smartest ideas in education and technology to drive better performance in people and safer care for patients.

Did You Know...

  • Incident reporting is frequently used as a general term for all voluntary patient safety event reporting systems, which rely on those involved in events to provide detailed information.
  • Compared with medical record review and direct observation, event reports capture only a fraction of events and may not reliably identify serious events.
  • Studies of electronic hospital event reporting systems generally show that medication errors and patient falls are among the most frequently reported events.

Course at a Glance

target audience icon Target Audience:

Clinicians & Staff

time to complete icon Time to Complete:

30 Minutes

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Partners Healthcare, MedStar

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