Centralized Sterile Processing and Distribution

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Learning Objectives

  • The consequences of not following procedures
  • The importance of each step and the proper sequence
  • The need for personal protective equipment
  • Separation of contaminated and clean instruments

Course Description

This course reinforces the fundamentals of central/sterile processing and the distribution of instrumentation, supplies, and equipment. It reviews the cycle of safe aseptic techniques and processes and emphasizes the importance of performing each step perfectly and in the proper sequence. This course, tests knowledge of situations where imperfect knowledge could lead to unsafe outcomes. The goal is zero failure, ever. Education and refresher training helps health systems reach that goal.

Course at a Glance

Target Audience: Technicians

Time to Complete: 30 Minutes

Contributor: Banner Health

Did you know…

In Spring 2018, the Joint Commission reported on safety breaches in sterile processing that were repeatedly observed by their survey teams. They summarized the top compliance items:

  • Lack of documented training for staff
  • Little use of evidence-based guidelines
  • Agents not diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Poor adherence to manufacturers’ Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Inconsistent use of chemical indicators
  • Inadequate documentation that sterilization parameters were met (time, temperature, pressure)
  • Failure to use personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Instruments being cleaned, decontaminated, and left to dry in the procedure room
  • Lack of defined separation of contaminated and clean instruments
  • Lack of documentation of sterilizer maintenance

Source: https://www.jointcommission.org/on_infection_prevention_control/


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Author Information

Amplifire courses are created in collaboration with Alliance experts, reviewed often, and updated regularly. This course was developed in collaboration with:

  • Timothy Brooks Sr., BS/BM, CSPM – Director CSPD Systems Program
  • Emily Ellis,  BSN, CNOR, CHSE – Clinical Education Specialist at Banner Health