Evidence-based learning that drives outcomes

We are committed to finding and filling knowledge gaps that lead to uncertainty and costly healthcare mistakes. Alliance members co-develop training content and deploy evidence-based learning to reduce patient harm and clinical inefficiencies.

Hear how Alliance members are driving improved outcomes, leading to a measurable training ROI.

Measurable Outcomes

Training in 1/8th the time

The learning experience is personalized to fill each individuals’ knowledge gaps. Clinicians don’t waste time reviewing material they already know, which means they can get back to work faster.

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$1.4 Million saved in training

Getting clinicians out of training and on the floor faster reduces overhead costs and increases revenue.

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38% decrease in HAIs

Amplifire acts as a clinical intervention, diagnosing and treating misinformation and knowledge gaps that lead to on-the-job errors. It is proved to reduce avoidable harm.

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Success Stories

We solve knowledge problems that lead to risks and hinder performance

Knowledge engineering is clinical training 2.0. Healthcare systems use it to help their clinicians attain a higher level of performance as they find and fix their uncertainty, knowledge gaps, and confidently held misinformation. The results have been measurable:

  • Less clinician error
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Higher reimbursement

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