At a time when many scientific claims are being made for a wide array of learning interventions, the Amplifire platform and the Healthcare Alliance stand out for the rigor that is illuminating practice gaps.

—Robert J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD, Vice President of Continuing Professional Development at Partners Healthcare

The Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

The Amplifire Healthcare Alliance is a group of major health system, hospitals, physicians, and nurses working together to increase knowledge and drive better decision making in healthcare. We have aligned our efforts to reduce loss, improve performance, change behavior, and positively affect outcomes. Our founding members include Partners’ Health, Providence Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Intermountain Health, UC Health, and others.

Every time a physician, nurse, or other health professional takes an Alliance course, he or she becomes part of a national workgroup on that topic. They share experiences and best practices, review and discuss nationally benchmarked data with the workgroup, and learn from their peers.

Why Join the Alliance?

Medical error is extremely expensive. Alliance members come together to address the human factors that lie behind avoidable harm. We recognize that learning must lead to behavioral change and that the ultimate measure of effectiveness is found in better patient outcomes and a reduction in unreimbursed care.

Before we create a course, we perform a robust return on investment analysis to determine which topics have the greatest misinformation and knowledge gaps – the lurking variables that undermine quality, safety, and patient experience.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

Combat Avoidable Harm.

Amplifire has deployed multiple initiatives designed to eliminate misinformation and resulting patient harm. In these deployments, over 90% of clinicians have demonstrated varying levels of CHM in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sepsis, CLABSI, CAUTI, C. diff, SSIs, safe injections, and more.

Help us tackle avoidable harm by joining today.

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