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Do you know what is hidden in the minds of your workforce?

At Amplifire, we envision a world in which people perform at the height of their ability—fully informed, confidently making decisions, and delivering the highest possible value. However, every organization faces a universal risk: Confidently Held Misinformation. Confidence is the precursor to every decision. If you are uncertain, you hesitate. If you are confident, you act. When employees are confident but wrong, it can mean accidents, penalties, loss of productivity, or revenue.

Master Faster, Retain Longer, Perform Better

Amplifire’s patented online learning platform leverages innovations in brain science, visual reporting, data analytics, and adaptive learning technology. Learners master faster, retain longer, and perform better – even when under stress. With more than a billion learner interactions, Amplifire harnesses research, learner feedback, and artificial intelligence to provide a faster and more engaging path to mastery. This powerful combination has made Amplifire an innovative leader in the learning industry.

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