The Scale of the Problem

  • Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., just behind heart attack and cancer
  • Every year, more than 400,000 patients who go to the hospital suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death
  • Confidently held misinformation is implicated in 50% of preventable harm cases

The Medical Knowledge Challenge

Keeping up with medical knowledge today is overwhelming, and clinicians need more than conventional training. Over 36,000 medical journals, 12 million websites, and thousands of mobile apps vie to influence practice and behavior. Clinicians are inundated with ineffective traditional training that wastes time and frustrates everyone.

Worse, cursory training does not solve the problem of confidently held misinformation (CHM). Healthcare is especially susceptible to CHM because of massive information overload.

75% of physicians indicated that their experience with Amplifire would change how they would manage a complex patient.

Source: Survey of hospitalists at 15 hospitals.

The cost of unreimbursed hospital-acquired conditions is $40 billion to $60 billion per year.

Sources: Joint Commission, CDC, CMS, AHRQ, JAMA

The Solution

Amplifire is uniquely designed to remove the CHM that plagues
healthcare. It acts as a clinical intervention, diagnosing and treating
misinformation and knowledge gaps that lead to on-the-job error.
The platform has been proven to reduce avoidable harm.

Amplifire Saves Time, Money, and Lives

Less Variation Leads to Consistently Correct Care

Johns Hopkins’ quality and safety expert Marty Makary, MD, says, “Unwarranted variation is endemic in healthcare.” Clinical practice varies because clinicians have extremely varied levels of CHM about medical evidence and best practices. Amplifire illuminates this CHM at both the organization and individual clinician level, however, the range is far more dramatic with individuals, as the data below shows.

  • The most knowledgeable clinician in this dataset is 97% confident and correct. The least knowledgeable is 10%.
  • The MOST misinformed clinician has 52% CHM. The LEAST misinformed has only 4% CHM.

Proven Return on Investment

Return on investment from an Amplifire course is realized in the extent to which the course reduces the incidence and cost of a condition.

Amplifire has reduced the incidents of hospital acquired conditions (HAC) by as much as 42%, saving lives and unreimbursed costs. Most HACs are very expensive. If a healthcare organization uses Amplifire to reduce the incidence of HACs from 0.9% to 0.8%, the savings are greater than the cost of Amplifire. We’ve been able to document drops in incidence rate more than four times that large with Amplifire partners.

The Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

The Amplifire Healthcare Alliance is a group of major health systems, hospitals, physicians, and nurses working together to increase knowledge and drive better decision making in healthcare. We have aligned our efforts to reduce loss, improve performance, change behavior, and positively affect outcomes.

Great things will be accomplished as the Alliance continues to join with visionary, committed healthcare organizations focused on transforming healthcare.

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