I run hospital medicine for 5 hospitals. Amplifire is a unique product that I have not found anywhere else. It has the potential to revolutionize how we disseminate critical information.

—Per Danielson, Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

The Infection Prevention Challenge

Today, infection preventionists are under pressure to both identify patient safety risks and to thwart financial penalties. While significant progress has been made in preventing some infection types, HAIs (healthcare-associated infections) continue to be a problem. On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients acquires a healthcare-associated infection.

Hospital-acquired infections
sentinel events


Amplifire is the only online learning platform that reduces the incidence of hospital acquired infections. The return on learning can be nearly unbelievable. Based on data from CDC, AHRQ, and CMS, Amplifire becomes free when it reduces a condition like CLABSI by just 1%.

Move The Needle On The CLABSI Problem

In this study, 3,707 nurses were shown to have a high variation of knowledge about CLABSI. The most knowledgeable were 100% confident and correct. The least show that misinformation in 60% of their prior knowledge.

By the end of the course, 100% of the nurses who completed were confident and correct on all the information about CLABSI.

clabsi rate

Sepsis Misinformation Fixed

A national sepsis study designed as a clinical intervention used the Amplifire training tool. The goal was to acquire data on doctors and clinicians’ understanding of evidence-based sepsis care and their self-confidence in applying what they knew.

Amplifire illuminated and eliminated 7,795 instances of confidently held misinformation and 14,500 instances of uncertainty.

This type of clinical learning can help reduce the 250,000 lives lost to sepsis each year and the  $24 billion cost.

Misinformation, Uncertainty and
Knowledge Gaps Are Invisible

In this module about CAUTI, 4,511 nurses displayed a wide range of knowledge as seen in the graph. Amplifire found each individual’s confidently held misinformation and transformed it into expertise with the latest evidence-based information.