We have experienced extraordinary results from incorporating Amplifire into our curriculum… Thousands of students every year fail the bar exam by 2, 3, 4 or 5 points, we’re talking about making a tremendous difference in the professional lives of thousands of young people each year.

—VP, Bar Prep

The Certification Challenge

When it comes to high-stakes testing, there is a lot for students to gain. Passing means they are on their way to a well-paying career. With so much material to cover in a limited time, they need to be efficient and choose the most effective study method.


Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform has proven to be the most effective way to pass high-stakes exams. Certifying organizations deploy Amplifire as the leading study tool.

That’s because Amplifire takes an active learning approach. It is powered by 15 triggers such as confidence-based questioning, spacing, interleaving, priming, feedback with a delay, and many others that cause engagement, emotion, and durable memory.

The Most Effective Study Method

Compared to other study methods, learners who used Amplifire had a much higher pass rate. Reading, lectures, and watching videos may cover the material you need to know but these passive forms of learning fail to keep knowledge in long term memory.

The data in this graph shows the test results for nearly 25,000 learners trying to pass an important certification exam. Those who use Amplifire get much better scores than those who use legacy study methods.

Higher Pass Rates

Students using Amplifire’s study modules achieve higher pass rate by keeping them engaged and focused on knowledge gaps and uncertainty. In this example, Amplifire was added to the culinary curriculum at a large community college where students are required to take the Restaurant Certification exam. Students who used Amplifire were 18% more likely to pass the exam—and 34% less likely to fail it.

Learners were aware of this benefit, with100% of them agreeing that Amplifire helped them learn and remember the material.

Amplifire was extremely helpful, repeating the question until I was 100% sure.” – Culinary Student

Case Study
Pass Rate Case Study