Pass Rates Case Study

25,000 learners show that Amplifire is the world’s most effective way to pass exams.

When it comes to studying for professional certification exam, the stakes are high. Learners use a variety of methods to improve their chances of success. Some use modern methods like online study, prep tools, or an online classroom. Others use more traditional methods like books, study groups, practice exams, lectures in the classroom, and on-the-job training.

The chart shows that learners who use Amplifire get much better scores than those who use legacy study methods.

The reason Amplifire can deliver outcomes like these is because the platform is built on specific discoveries in brain science that have revealed the most effective techniques for learning rapidly and retaining the information longer. The platform uses 14 cognitive triggers such as confidence-based questioning, spacing, interleaving, priming, feedback with a delay, and many others. You can read more about them here.

Another reason for these outcomes is that Amplifire’s AI-based Artificial Mentoring system guides, nudges, and compels the few students whom it perceives as struggling or rushing, to focus, complete, and master the subject.

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