What a difference it has made. We’ve had a lot of pilots talking about it, and regional safety directors talking about what a great addition and enhancement the Amplifire system has been for them. And the pilots now ask why isn’t all our training like Amplifire training.

— Senior Director, Talent Management

Human-Caused Adverse Incidents Decrease By 60% After First Year

  • World’s largest civilian helicopter fleet

  • 100,000 emergency patients per year

  • $100 million in safety investments in the last five years

This civilian helicopter fleet knew that they had to find a way to reduce the number of human errors that were injuring people and damaging expensive equipment. They felt there must be a way to get the absolutely correct processes and procedures into the minds of their employees. The problem: With major budget constraints, how do you quickly and effectively train pilots, crew, and medical personnel in an organization that is spread across 48 states?

First, Amplifire developed 63 courses with this company on topics and procedures ranging from aerodynamics to flight safety to ground handling. As employees Progressed through the courses delivered in the Amplifire platform, it became clear that they had tremendous knowledge variation. Some were masters of the topics, others carried huge loads of confidently held misinformation (CHM), as seen in the graph below.

Over the course of 2016, Amplifire found and fixed tens of thousands of instances of CHM. As CHM decreased, so too did the mistakes that previously caused damage to aircraft and also posed risks to pilots, people, and passengers. In 2017, this company reported a 60% drop in adverse incidents in the first quarter.