The Story

Castlight Health is a San Francisco based healthcare navigation company. It offers comparison tools showing price and quality metrics for tests and procedures offered by healthcare providers. The Castlight platform is licensed through a business-to-business-based model.

In 2019 Amplifire was incorporated into their call agent training program.

After taking our course using Amplifire, I felt like I knew more and was better prepared to answer customer questions.”

Call Agent, Castlight Health

The findings have been dramatic with a significant decrease in time to proficiency while increasing agent and customer satisfaction.

A New Innovative Era

We are in a new era of innovation. Now more than ever, there is a need to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

The pandemic has forced many to speed up their innovation/transformation process – for example, moving call center operations to 100% work at home in a matter of weeks. We see the emergence and adoption of adaptive learning as a critical enabler of these innovative transformations.

At its heart, Amplifire’s adaptive eLearning platform is about “evidence-based” performance. It can drive many aspects of an innovative, digital transformation strategy. Organizations use it to build an expert workforce capable of achieving its business goals by finding and filling knowledge gaps and Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) that lead to errors.

“ If you know where people are starting from in their learning, then you know what you have to do to get them where they need to be.”
– Scott Tweedy, Sr. VP of Support and Technology, Castlight Health

Culture of Learning

Castlight Health is a healthcare navigation company. Training was a big part of their digital transformation. They needed to quickly get their guides (customer agents) up to speed on the new mobile app to help their users navigate their health plan.

The goal of their digital transformation was to improve the customer experience. They developed the National Care Center of Excellence and executed a new learning program to train their guides. To ensure guides were properly trained, they recognized they needed a new learning technology that would:

  • Close knowledge gaps
  • Assess course effectiveness
  • Provide targeted intervention

Adaptive Learning

As part of their selection criteria, they searched for an adaptive eLearning platform that:

  • Was based on the latest cognitive science principles
  • Presented learners with an engaging and personalized learning experience
  • Provided rich learning analytics

The Results

Knowledge Level & Confidence

Amplifire found and filled 2,073 instances of misinformation and uncertainty. The course adapted in real-time to fill each individual’s knowledge gaps. A personalized learning experience kept learners engaged and guided them until they were accurate and confident in their knowledge.

CHM Graph

Learner Struggle

Very few learners struggled in learning the new material. Only 5% of learners struggled to grasp a concept. The Actionable Insight Report allowed trainers to see where these learners were struggling so they could coach these individuals.

Learner Insights

Download the case study to see the impact this training had on their business results.