Amplifire Develops New Learning Module to Help Benefit Managers

  |    |  Amplifire Develops New Learning Module to Help Benefit Managers

This article is based on Denver Business Journal article published April 14, 2017.

Colorado Business Group on Health (CBGH) provides business and public agencies with networking, education and special programs focused on workplace health concerns such as insurance costs.

Recent focus has been to help benefit-purchasing managers know how better to structure their buying in a way that allows them to save money, which is a critical skill as insurance premiums continue to rise.

There are plenty of classes these manager can take to be in compliance with the law but there are few seminars to help them in design planning, leaving many benefits managers having to learn on the job.

That changed when this group employed Amplifire, an online learning platform based on cognitive research, to develop a training program that forces benefit managers to mull insurance buying in new ways.

The modules begin with question to stimulate curiosity and prime the mind for learning. The questions are not just about how to purchase insurance but also about the greater field of healthcare, probing into areas such as how many people die annually from medical mistakes. The platform is more game-like, says Bob Burgin, Amplifire’s CEO.

Donna Marshall, the only executive director CBGH has ever had, believes the appeal of the educational platform could be wide, given that health costs are most companies’ second largest expense, behind salaries. She’s asked Leapfrog Group to build a model of the program that could be used nationally, and she believes they could find even more customers through the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions.

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