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I’ll never forget the meeting with the FAA where we had 10 to 12 of them in the room and we showed them Amplifire. When we asked them, are you 100% confident in your answer, then it was fun to watch the dynamic in the room. I didn’t have to sell anymore.

— Senior Talent Manager, Global Helicopter Fleet

The Aviation Challenge

Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) in the minds of your pilots, crew members, and staff can lead to bad decisions and adverse incidents, especially when under pressure.

But training is a challenge—taking time away from the real job at hand, staying within budget, proving effectiveness, and showing ROI.


Aviation organizations deploy Amplifire as the leading training tool to reduce adverse incidents. The platform is effective in reducing training time, while still increasing performance.

Time Savings and ROI

World’s largest helicopter fleet, used Amplifire to find and fix instances of CHM among its crew. They reduced training time by 84%, while decreasing adverse events by 60% in the first year.

Moreover, this return only reflects the time savings in training—it does not include any savings from reduced incidents, reduction in costs of CTS training, or re-purposing those training hour savings into revenue producing activities.

CHM found and fixed

Confidently held misinformation exists in every organization and individual. It is a contributing factor to adverse events. In this case, Amplifire remediated all instances of CHM.

Amplifire probes the accuracy of a learner’s knowledge and the confidence with which it is held. Confidence leads to action, and action to outcomes. When people know they don’t know the correct action, they do nothing. When they are uncertain, they hesitate. When they are confident, they act. High-quality outcomes result when employee are both confident and correct in their knowledge.

Reducing Variation

Amplifire can identify knowledge variation. Discovering variation among learners is something that no instructor or traditional learning method could detect and correct. With Amplifire, everyone moves to mastery and stays there.

Decrease in adverse incidents

CHM is a contributing factor to adverse events. Since deploying Amplifire, human caused incidents declined 60% quarter-over-quarter.