Transforming Healthcare Training

Despite all of the time and money spent on healthcare training, it can be ineffective, a waste of time, not memorable, and create an illusion of knowledge where none may exist.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There are new learning technologies that make knowledge stick and easier to recall. Learning systems that eliminate misinformation that leads to patient harm.

Take our quiz below and see how well your LMS system is performing.


  1. Does your LMS contain analytics demonstrating clinician learning gains?
  2. Does your current LMS tell you specifically which of your physicians and nurses carry inaccurate information or maintain incorrect practices that pose risks to patients?
  3. Does your LMS validate each learner’s mastery of a topic and monitor, maintain and report on their knowledge over time?
  4. Does your current LMS provide ROI projections and measure efficacy on the courses it delivers?
  5. Which of the following statements best describes your current LMS (choose one):
    a. Our LMS is a human resource system that monitors the completion of mandatory training by staff.
    b. Our LMS provides our learners with a broad range of clinical and non-clinical courses to maintain their competency and track their completion of mandatory training.
    c. Our LMS is driven by organizational performance goals and provides evidence of physician and staff knowledge and actionable data to managers to help their physicians and staff deliver on those performance goals.


If you answered “no” to any questions 1-4, or answered (a) or (b) to question 5, your LMS is underperforming.